Amazing Natural Wonders of Norfolk

Norfolk has a wonderful geological history and it is a place that must be visited once in a lifetime. We have chose our top amazing natural wonders of this county that will certainly give you an insight into for Norfolk was made and why it looks so extraordinary today. Therefore, we really hope you will enjoy our below list of stunning natural wonders of this region.


River Wensum

It is true that the River Yare gets all the credit but the River Wensum definitely does all the work. The River Wensum is the longest as well as the most significant of not more and not less than 160 chalk rivers in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it is also the most protected one in entire Europe. In the past, it has 15 mills, which benefited from the gradual fall of the land. In order to fully enjoy this splendid water way, you should visit Pensthorpe Natural Park.

Cromer Forest Bed

Created nearly 2-million years ago, the Cromer Forest Bed beautifully stretches from Weybourne to Kessingland, and it is extremely rich in fossils. In this exact location, it has been found the oldest and best preserved mammoth skeleton in the entire world. This stretch of coast is amazing, and it is also called the Deep History Coast, due to the fact that it was the last piece of England that was still joined to the Continent, until Doggerland was finally inundated. Even these days, the sea is extremely shallow here, as little as nearly 100-meter deep, and that’s why it is actually an excellent place to put all those lovely wind farms you see off the coast in this county.

Great Chalk Reef

Just off the coast of Cromer and Sheringham, you will find the longest chalk reef in the whole world. At more than 15-mile long, the stunning reef, which is 100-million year old, is an important part of a chalk seam that stretches all the way to the white cliffs of beautiful Dover. The best way to enjoy this historical location is to eat the famous Cromer Crab or a Sheringham Lobster. The reason they taste so amazingly good is because they feed off the reef.

Blakeney Point

Blakeney Point is home to the biggest seal colony in Great Britain during the Winter when the Grey actually has their pups. This location has been created by a complex process called longshore drift that also created Great Yarmouth. The best way to get to the end and see the lovely seals is to take the boat from Morston Quai. This journey is something that will not entertain only you but your children as well, as the entire area is suitable for all ages. Don’t you have a family and not even a partner? If so, then in order to still enjoy to the fullest what Blakeney Point has to offer then we suggest you hire an escort. In the United Kingdom, it is very easy to find an escort agency and pay a girl to travel with you, especially if you are a tourist. Therefore, keep this idea in mind and make it real in case you are a single man.